This is the ANV DESIGN Team.

Our motto: We make it happen!
Guilty of: Perseverance!
Our main sin: the good gastronomie!


The Dreamers

  • ANA Jimenez de Aguilar

  • Co-Founder and creative director

Color : Pantone 7620C
Punctuation Mark: ;
Thinker / Feeler: Feeler
Music : It depends on the occasion: Pixies, Muse,Gotan Project ...
Verb: Imagine, live and learn
City: New York

skype: ana.anvdesign

  • NURIA Comellas Pastalle

  • Co-Founder and creative director

Color : CMJN - 12 99 93 3
Punctuation Mark: " "
Thinker /Feeler: Feeler 80% of the time
Music: Today: Asaf Avidan & the Mojos
Verb: Create
City: Berlin

skype: nuria.anvdesign

  • VICTOR Planas-Bielsa

  • Co-founder and video director

Color: #112358 / RGB (3,14,16)
Punctuation Mark: ?
Thinker / Feeler: Russell follower reading Borges
Music: Yes, please. Loud.
Verb: Explore
City: Pompei

skype: victor.anvproduction

The Pillars

  • ROBERTO Panizo

  • creative DIRECTOR

Color: # 67fffa
Punctuation Mark: K-?-?-
Thinker /Feeler: Mel Gibson
Music: Good idea
Verb: You can wear your old clothes for the bomb and save the best for afterwards
City: Up, like really up to the North


  • NASTASSIA Roulin


Color: Pink
Punctuation Mark: *
Thinker / Feeler : 50/50
Music : Anything as long as it pleases my ears.
Verb: Elicit
City: Nagoya


  • CSABA Molnar

  • 3d artist

Color: Cyan
Punctuation Mark : ?
Thinker /Feeler: 50%-50%
Music : Anything over 170 bpm
Verb: UndoTo cut
City: Szeged